VizConnect is a cloud-based, marketing services company specializing in bringing the powerful medium of video and the red-hot opportunity of mobile together in their easily accessible on-line marketing platform.

Founded in 2011, the partners in VizConnect bring media, marketing and technology expertise from the hot Boston and San Francisco technology markets together to make the first media marketing platform to successfully combine mobile video marketing, video storage, cloud computing, easy access, timely video updating capability and information capturing services in one small, easily accessible unit.

As an organization, the mission of VizConnect is to help entrepreneurs who struggle with technology and mobile marketing and offer them an ease-of-use solution at a low subscription cost.

On-Line Mobile Marketing Video Platform

The VizConnect Mobile Marketing Platform combines ease-of-use, cloud-based solutions to effective mobile marketing.

Using this platform, companies of all sizes now have the ability to bridge the world of traditional media and make their marketing reach consumers where they live – on their mobile phones and devices.

Within VizConnect’s platform, the ability to create QR codes (even branded QR codes as a specialized option), connect them to print campaigns of all stripes (signage, t-shirts, table toppers) and reach out via the ads to targeted consumers is made virtually effortless. Once the consumer has used their smartphone to read the VizConnect QR code, the video begins to play – and when the video finishes, want your customer to RSVP or sign up? No problem – the consumer is automatically directed to your customizable Call-to-Action page, where they can immediately respond to the video. Presto. You are now connected to that consumer or client.

The VizConnect program is a completely closed environment. Your edited video is uploaded and stored to be used again and again for any campaign you choose. The QR codes act as a bridge to the mobile devices, making these tiny screens both accessible and affordable platform to every VizConnect client.